A customer testimonial is a perfect way to show how your practice solves a patient’s problem.

One of the most compelling ways to convey testimonials is by a video. It gives the patients an opportunity to learn about your practice in a compelling way and provides “social proof” to help potential patients making a decision.

Adding patient video testimonials into your practice marketing plan is a surefire way to grow your revenue.

Why Video Testimonials?


People loves the content in a format that they find engaging, human, and relatable. A testimonial video offers your potential patients a real person to connect with voice, body language, and emotion. 


A quality video testimonial can build the trust immediately, even with someone who has never heard of your practice before. This emotional connection opens the door for trust, which is vital to a great business-to-customer relationship.

How does is work?

You’re busy. Your patients are busy. We are here to help you arrange the testimonial video filming.

As a video production partner, we will bring your vision to life, coordinate with you and your patients, manage the production of the video from the beginning to the end.

Hire us for your testimonial video today!

How to launch your video?

Once your testimonial video is ready, the next step will be how to launch it effectively.

We are social media savvy and we will bring our digital marketing strategy to help you launch the video on social media to boost your brand awareness.

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